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In 2018, stay tuned for our latest album, Talamh!


About our last album, Ancestor:


"Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors," Ralph Waldo Emerson writes.

Kwannon's latest is an exploration of the Western Isle of the dead, of sunset, and the edges of things. (It's a little pricier because we got this one professionally done!)

Tracks include: 1. A Farewell (Lyrics: Alfred, Lord Tennyson) 2. White Sow 3. Teach Duinn 4. Songs of Experience (Lyrics: William Blake) 5. Auguries of Innocence (Lyrics: William Blake) 6. The Tyger (Lyrics: William Blake) 7. Midnight Invocation 8. Snowflakes (Lyrics: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) 9. The Jealousy of Emer 10. Invocation at the Western Gate 11. A prayer for the hours before dawn 12. A prayer to Brighid in times of violence